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Traditional car restoration tools

Art Metal is a coach-building company specialising in the restoration of orginal hand-formed aluminium automotive bodywork, bespoke creations, replica projects and custom part fabrication.


Proprietor and artist Neil McKenzie also creates metal sculpture artwork by commission.


It may be surprising to discover that much of the skill-base found at Art Metal, whether it be coachbuilding, blacksmithing, engineering or sculptural fabrications all overlap in a most complimentary manner. Practices such as lead-work, silver soldering, brazing, planishing, copperwork, brasswork, welding, forgework and metal fabrication, are often applied to many of our works. Alongside these services Art Metal can also facilitate casting, spinning and plating services through our well established network of business contacts.


We utilise many traditional production methods that are truly decades behind the times, yet we blend this skill-base with modern equipment, tooling and processes. Above all, we have an absolute commitment to finishing every project to the highest of standards .

We can restore, repair, duplicate and fabricate a vehicle body from scratch. Whether you need a single missing component re-manufactured, or a complete bespoke aluminium body , we can meet your automotive requirements. We have produced bodywork for a broad range of exclusive marques including Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce and have worked on many individually important vehicles.

Hand formed aluminium bodywork Meta-perceptual helmets
Aston Martin DB2 hinge press tooling

When we undertake an historic automotive project it is important to understand whether the project requires concours restoration or sympathetic preservation, it’s all in the details. Art Metal coachbuilding is becoming well known for restoring, repairing and recreating historic automobiles component by component.


While Art Metal not only provides the tooling and expertise for specialist automotive fabrication work, we also offer a sympathetic environment where artists can have close involvement with their projects. Art Metal facilitates the production of works of art in metal as envisioned by the artist, providing constant communication and feedback or sometimes simply an art-fabrication consultancy service. It can often seem somewhat magical that a simple sketch, a technical drawing or maquette can become a full size sculpture retaining or even enhancing the original spirit of the concept.

aston Martin DB4GT bonnet vent
Meta-perceptual helmets displayed in the Irish Embassay Paris
Bentley S1 Park Ward Saloon roof-chop coverted to drophead new fabricated covertible roof mechanism

Whether you require automotive or artistic works, we will help bring your idea to life or engineer solutions to your requirements. 

Photo credit: Steve Poole
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